epic slackness

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i’m the queen of nonexistent updates.

been busy with tigger, work, school, pool…just too many things i want to do besides updating this website. but i thought i’d throw a little note on here with a few details.

the vet had to adjust tigger’s medication again after a few rough weeks and a bunch of checkups, but he’s doing okay now.

work is insane right now. so busy i can’t think straight (then again, that’s not necessarily a new thing). i have to go to san francisco june 15 through june 19. i don’t want to travel so i’m not looking forward to it.

school started up again and i’m in the advanced poetry workshop. it’s going to kick my ass.

the pool is awesome. love love love having a pool in the backyard. i hope it’s 100 degrees everyday this summer.

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