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i don’t really get the point of twitter…

i mean, who could possibly be so interesting that you just have to know what they are doing at any given time of the day, in 140 characters or less?

so yes, i gave in to peer pressure and signed up, but i barely use it and when i do i can’t think of anything interesting to post, because–let’s face it–i am terminally boring.

however, i did have an experience today that was pretty cool. i found out that dish network has a twitter account; they use it to post the latest news and provide customer service. so since my bill has been messed up for the last few months, and i didn’t relish the thought of spending hours on hold and listening to a CSR with an indecipherable accent, i decided to use twitter to get some help. i sent a direct message and the rep responded in about 2 hours. he asked me a few questions and i responded, then he sent a message asking for my phone number. i sent it and he called within 5 minutes. he took care of the problem and credited me for the mistake, and i didn’t have to sit on hold for any period of time.

it was very nice to be able to get my account corrected without much effort on my part. my experiences up until now with dish network haven’t been bad for the most part, but i hate calling them because it’s rather painful.

i wonder how long companies will be able to provide customer service through twitter. i can’t imagine that it’s a viable long-term customer service medium. at any rate, it was certainly a nice option to take care of my issue, and hopefully it will remain an option for future issues.

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