leap day

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happy leap day.

it’s the end of february and i haven’t written a damn thing in forever.

so a quick update:

tigger isn’t any better, but he hasn’t gotten any worse since the cardiologist upped his lasix. he now takes 80mg of lasix per day (in addition to 6 other meds).

we put new closet organizers in our house. they look SO much better than those nasty wire shelves. and we have tons more storage now.

we had an electrician come out and wire two motion-detection floodlights on the back of the house, add an outlet in our master bedroom closet (for the iron), and install sidewalk lights. he’s also going to give us a quote on wiring the home theater room (the bonus room). we’ll have an outlet installed so the projector can be mounted on the ceiling, and we might get him to run the surround sound wiring. but we think that could be fairly easy since we have attic access on both sides of the bonus room, so josh might do it himself. depends on the cost.

i bought new speakers for my macbook. i had a set of jbl speakers and the left satellite died a few weeks ago. they were only about 6 or 8 months old, so that sucked. this time i bought cheaper logitech speakers (in white, of course).

i upgraded to leopard and wasn’t impressed at all initially. my macbook ran so much slower than it did with tiger. turns out that when you upgrade, spotlight has to re-index everything. well, i had my 160 gb backup drive plugged in and spotlight was trying to index it in addition to my internal hard drive, so i killed that process and blocked the backup drive from spotlight. things started running much more smoothly. then i added another gig of ram so i have 2 gb now. i’m a little surprised how much of a difference 1 gb makes, but it’s a noticeable (and appreciated) improvement.

we dumped verizon and switched to sprint back in december. we found the sero plan and it was just too good of a deal to pass up. josh got the htc touch and i got the palm centro. we’re paying $100 less per month than we were with verizon. 500 minutes apiece, unlimited text/pics, unlimited data, 7pm nights/weekends, unlimited mobile to mobile, unlimited long distance, free roaming — all for $30 per line. if we go over the 500 minutes, it’s only $5 for another 30 minutes up to 800.

people really complain about sprint but so far we haven’t had any issues. they even let me exchange my black centro for the new pink centro when it came out even though i was past the initial 30-day exchange period. josh likes the touch but he misses having a full keyboard, so now he’s thinking about selling the touch and getting the samsung ace. i love love love my pink centro. it’s so cute, and the palm OS just works.

i have to go to san francisco march 11 through 14. not really looking forward to it because i hate to be away from tigger that long.

we have some deer living in the woods behind us. it’s a group of 7, we think. they don’t bother us at all, but the dogs don’t like them. winston will bark his head off at them — and winston doesn’t bark at anything unless it’s serious. tigger barks at them too, but he barks at everything anyway. we’ve seen the deer about every other day for the last week or so. a few nights ago when i took tigger outside around 2 am, i saw a few of them laying down under the trees at the back of our property. i’m sure they didn’t like our floodlights coming on when tigger went out.

i wish spring would hurry up and get here. i’m so tired of 40-degree days and wind. the back deck gets full afternoon sun, so those few 60-degree days we’ve had are heavenly. sitting out on the swing, watching the dogs in the backyard, with tall trees and quiet all around — it’s just blissful. sometimes it doesn’t take much to make me happy. sometimes.

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