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my hands and feet are freezing.

i’ve been wearing gloves all day because my hands are too cold to type without them. i need to get some fingerless gloves to make it a little easier to type. the thermostat is set on 70 but there are some days when i just can’t shake the cold.

i’ve lost 6 pounds in the last month or so. i cut out almost all sugar from my diet and am following a modified low carb diet. so far it appears to be working. i haven’t had too many nasty cravings since the first week or so. even christmas dinner wasn’t too bad. i’m eating lots of salads now and i actually enjoy them. there’s a place here in mooresville called saladworks that has awesome salads. they’re kind of expensive but very tasty. also makes the most wonderful low carb bread. it’s heavenly.

tigger is doing about the same as the last time i wrote: not any better, and getting slowly worse. there are some nights when we don’t get more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep because he can’t lay down without coughing. and then other nights, he’ll sleep the entire night through with no problems at all. there are days when he looks like his old self, eyes bright, wants to play, tail wags as fast as it can. and then there are the days when he sits on the couch and sleeps literally all day, waking up long enough to take his medicine and go outside, and his face looks old and he moves very slowly.

he’s only 9 years old. it really isn’t fair. i expected a lot more time with him, another 3 or 4 years at least. josh and i have talked a lot about what to do and, for right now, we’re letting the doctors guide us. as long as there are days when tigger’s bright-eyed and alert, we don’t have to think about the decision that faces us at some very real point in the future.

i’ll write more later.

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