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about a year ago, tigger was diagnosed with a heart murmur.

well, you all know the story…he progressed quickly to congestive heart failure and within a few months was on many different medications. eventually we had to take him to the emergency room because he was passing out when he had coughing spells, which is called syncope. basically he wasn’t getting enough oxygen.

after the emergency room visit, he started seeing the cardiologist on staff there. she put him on a few more medications and, over the last year, made a lot of adjustments to the dosages. he’s on seven medications total now, about $300 a month worth. but since january or so, she made one final adjustment to one of his medications and that seemed to do the trick. he’s been fairly stable since then.

of course, he’ll never get better. we can see him aging before our eyes. he is a lot slower than he used to be, he sleeps a lot, and he doesn’t want to play like he used to. his favorite thing is to curl up with us on the couch or the bed and go to sleep.

but his eyes are still bright, he still loves to eat and get treats, he loves to get a new toy (with which he’ll climb on the couch or bed and chew as long as he can, until winston bullies his way in and grabs the toy). his tail still wags furiously when we talk to him and he barks like crazy when josh gets home from work. he’s still so incredibly smart.

he has many more good days than bad.

we know at some point that’s going to be reversed, and we’re going to have to make a terrible decision.

but we made it through year one. it’s been hard, and it’s been stressful, and i can’t remember the last time either of us got more than three or four hours of sleep at night. but we’re grateful for every additional second we get with tigger. we want as many extra seconds as possible.

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