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It’s 12 am…

We’ve been at the hospital since 1:30 this afternoon. Josh had another ERCP. This time the doctor was able to work on both the left and the right sides of the liver. The work he did on June 15 didn’t take; the duct was almost completely closed up again. This time they put Josh to sleep (instead of just sedation) and the doc was able to dilate both sides to 6 mm. So hopefully this will stick and Josh won’t have to have another ERCP for 6 weeks. If his labs keep going up, he’ll have to have another one sooner.

He’s still very jaundiced, itching (a symptom of PSC), losing weight, and nauseated. Hopefully today’s procedure will help him feel better.

The doctor said there is no chance that Josh will live out the rest of his life with his original liver.

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