happy new year

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happy 2010!

life has been pretty uneventful lately, so i haven’t had anything to say. still don’t have anything to say, but i figured i’d toss a note up here just in case anyone is wondering if i’m still alive.

holidays were good, had a great two-week vacation during which we saw a bunch of relatives on both sides of the family, tigger is doing okay, winston’s doing great (although we discovered he’s kind of scared of puppies), josh caught a cold after christmas (i’m pretty sure he had a cold during christmas ’08 vacation, too) but so far he hasn’t given it to me, i slept late everyday during vacation and stayed up way too late overloading on house hunters and internet shopping. we spent time with my family, josh’s grandmother, and most of josh’s brothers and sisters, but we never saw or talked to his parents (no surprise there).

assuming we can find a pet sitter to stay with tigger and winston, we’ll be going to las vegas in march. we haven’t had a vacation in almost three years so i really hope we can find a pet sitter we trust. i love my boys but i need a vacation!

i’m getting lasik on january 15, right eye only. my left eye is 20/15, so no need to work on that one. the doctor said he can get me to 20/25 in my right eye after the lasik.

school starts back in february. i dropped my november class so i’ve been totally lazy since then. i’m kind of dreading starting up again. i want to get my master’s, but it’s so much more work than i ever anticipated. plus, i’m lazy, so there’s that.

back to work tomorrow. i haven’t checked my work email at all in two weeks. hopefully it isn’t too bad since a lot of people were off. going to try to be in bed by 2am tonight. we’ll see…

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