summer’s practically over

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i’ve been even more of a slacker than usual as far as this site is concerned.

so it’s time for a quick update…

someone hit my brand new car in the target parking lot on june 29. it left an 18″ dent in the rear driver’s side door. at least the guy was honest; he was writing us a note as we walked out of the store. his insurance (nationwide) paid and didn’t give me any problems at all. it just sucks that my brand new car now has paintwork. it was $1,000 worth of damage. i turned over 2,500 miles on the way home from the body shop.

tigger is doing really well. sometimes he acts like he’s still a puppy. it’s pretty amazing to see. we have to keep to a really strict medicine schedule, though. a few weeks ago he decided he didn’t want to take his medicine for whatever reason, and his health went downhill for a few days after that. he got back on track but it was a rough few days.

winston is doing great, although a few weeks ago he had to spend the night at the vet. he injured his jaw somehow and he couldn’t even open his mouth enough to drink water. poor thing — he yelped when he tried to drink or eat or yawn. he has a really high pain tolerance, so we knew it was bad since he was yelping. i took him to the vet and she didn’t know what caused his jaw injury (she thought it could possibly be caused by his eating sticks from the yard), but she said he was really dehydrated because of it. so she put him on steroids and IV fluids overnight. i picked him up the next day and he was already back to 90%. he had to take steroids for about 7 days after that, but by the second or third day he was back to normal. back to his normal goofball self.

josh and i decided to put an in-ground pool in our backyard. the digging started today, so we have a gigantic hole in the yard now (check out the pics in the gallery). the pool will be 16′ by 36′ and 6 feet deep at the deep end. it’s going to be in the shape of a keyhole. we didn’t want just a big rectangle; we wanted some curves in there too, to fit in with our landscaping plan. i think it’s going to look really nice when it’s all done. might take us awhile, but it’ll get there.

i have had the worst headache for the last two weeks, practically constant. i don’t know what’s going on but today’s been the worst day so far. as a matter of fact, i think i’m going to go take a nap right now.

this has been this quarter’s installment of, “the exciting life and times of jenny honeycutt.”

seriously, i’ll try to write more. i know i’ve been way too slack.

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