tigger’s home!

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we picked him up tonight.

the vet added 5 more medications, so now tigger is up to 15 meds total, several times a day. that is A LOT of greenies pill pockets per day. we stuff them as full as we can, but with 15 pills it obviously takes more than 1 pill pocket. some of the meds are antibiotics, so he won’t have to take them forever.

he has to go back to the vet for more blood work in 1 week, then he goes for another ultrasound in 3 weeks. we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the lymph nodes are smaller at the next ultrasound; if they aren’t, then that’s definitely not good news. the antibiotics should take care of the gall bladder infection, but the vet wasn’t sure if the lymph nodes were enlarged because of the infection or because of cancer. we opted not to do the cancer test because if that’s what it is, then there’s nothing else they can do.

but we aren’t worrying about that right now. we’re just glad he’s home and feeling better.

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