grandpa weidner

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my grandpa weidner died today.

he had a massive heart attack. from what i was told, he didn’t suffer and it happened very quickly.

the funeral is wednesday at 2 pm. josh and i are driving to pennsylvania on tuesday. i think my brother and his girlfriend are going to ride with us. my mom and dad are driving up monday. mom is staying through the week and my dad will ride back with us on thursday.

i am still in shock. grandpa seemed to be doing well since october, when he nearly died. he spent time in the hospital and in a rehabilitation center for about a month after that, but they released him and said he was 100 percent recovered.

and now my grandma will have to move somewhere because she can’t live by herself. she has severe diabetes and relied on grandpa to take care of her. i don’t know what will happen now.

the last time i saw grandpa was january 2006. i wish i had taken the time to visit at thanksgiving like my mom asked me to.

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