2014 update

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i guess my habit now is to update this site once a year.

so, here’s what’s happened over the last year:

  • bought a house in georgia.
  • got the whole house set up with z-wave home automation, using vera lite.
  • finished several classes toward my master’s degree … only two more left to go.
  • bought a new car (audi q5 tdi).
  • and, most importantly, lost 30 pounds! still have 30 more to go, but i’ll get there. my goal is to lose it all by the time i turn 40 in september 2015.
  • lost it using the “if it fits your macros” diet and lifting weights.
  • i haven’t felt so good about myself in … ever. even though i wasn’t overweight when i was younger, i was always very insecure about the way i looked. it’s so nice to have some self-confidence for the first time in my life.

see you next year!

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