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we went to visit tigger last night.

he seemed a lot better last night compared to the day before. he was hungry, which is a good sign. the vet wasn’t letting him eat since he was having diarrhea and throwing up. he should be able to eat later today since it will be 24 hours with no additional episodes.

he was happy to see us and his eyes looked a lot brighter. josh went to see him today at lunch and said he looked even better today. later this afternoon the vet will do more bloodwork and test his liver enzymes to see how the antibiotics are working. if he’s responding to the antibiotics, hopefully we can bring him home by sunday or monday.

we have not decided whether or not to do the cancer test. if it is cancer, there is absolutely nothing they can do since he’s not a candidate for chemotherapy. so we almost feel like, if we can’t do anything, then do we want to find out, or do we want to just keep him comfortable and enjoy the next few months with him?

but the vet said if tigger does respond well to the antibiotics, then the enlarged lymph node may decrease meaning it may not be cancer. it could just be so enlarged from all he’s dealing with right now. so we will see how his test results turn out.

we’re going to visit him again tonight.

oh, and today is our 9th wedding anniversary. we both almost forgot with everything that’s going on. we’ll celebrate when tigger is better.

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