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tigger is not doing well. he’s been at the animal hospital since yesterday.

the vet did an ultrasound today and said he has a gall bladder infection, his pancreas doesn’t look healthy, he has nodes on his liver (possibly from the phenobarbital he takes, but the vet said the nodes don’t look consistent with nodes typically caused by pheno), and he has a very enlarged lymph node behind his stomach, which could possibly be cancer.

he’s getting antibiotics and IV fluids at the hospital. we’re going to see him tonight during visitation hours.

we’ve decided to keep him on the antibiotics for the next 3 to 5 days. if he gets better, then we’ll know that the gall bladder infection is most likely causing many of the other symptoms, and it can be managed with long-term antibiotics (he’s not a candidate for gall bladder removal surgery). if he doesn’t get better, then it’s likely that he has cancer and nothing more can be done.

winston keeps walking around looking for tigger. and i’m trying not to think about the fact that there’s a real possibility that tigger won’t come home.

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