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it’s been long enough.

we moved into our new house on november 8. we had a few issues with the builder, mostly with the interior paint, but other than that we love the house. it has everything we wanted and then some. the builder seeded the backyard, so we have grass growing now that we got a few rain showers in the last few weeks (the 80-degree temps last week didn’t hurt, either). we fenced in the backyard immediately after we moved in, but the dogs weren’t able to go out there since it was just dirt and straw until recently. the grass has shot up though, so they go out there now and they love it. and we love just being able to open the door and let them go.

i put some christmas decorations up, but not too much. just not enough time with everything else going on.

we did get our pictures hung and knick-knacks situated in the house. we also got curtains for all the downstairs windows. we still haven’t tackled upstairs since we hardly use any of the rooms up there.

tigger has progressively gotten worse. he’s been to the emergency vet twice since the last time i wrote, and all of his medications have been upped in the last two weeks (he’s on seven medications now). last night wasn’t a good night, so i called the vet this morning and left a message asking if we need to adjust anything. sometimes he seems okay and still wants to play with winston or play outside, but he can’t really run or get too excited without coughing. at the last emergency vet visit, they said his left atrium is extremely enlarged and is pushing on his lungs. his enlarged heart also pushes on his trachea, which makes the coughing worse. i’m not sure what we’re going to do. he’s still bright and alert and attentive, but the coughing episodes which lead into the syncopal episodes are really scary.

time for a meeting. i probably won’t write again until january, so merry christmas and happy new year!

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