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we sold our house today.

well, it’s under contract as of today. the closing date is november 8, so we have about a month to find something else and move. it’s a lot to do and, somehow, a month doesn’t seem like enough time. we haven’t even begun to pack because we had gotten to the point where we didn’t think our house was going to sell. we had so many showings but no real interest until this past sunday.

a couple looked at the house on sunday and left good feedback. then yesterday, they came to look at the house again. and last night our agent called us and said we had an offer. the first offer was decent, but our agent told us to counter, so we did. then the buyer countered again this morning and our agent recommended that we counter yet again. we did and the offer was accepted. we got pretty close to list price but we are giving the buyer $2,000 for their closing costs. i thought that was pretty reasonable in this market, especially considering we weren’t that far off the list price. they originally wanted to close october 30, but we countered that too. it’s an all-cash deal, so we don’t have to worry about a financing contingency. the only thing we have to get through is the inspection, and we don’t anticipate anything major with that.

so, wow. our house is sold. this is the first house we’ve ever sold, so i’m kind of in shock. i’m actually pretty freaked out about how much there is to do to buy another house and coordinate everything to one closing date.

i feel like i’ve spent the last two months in permanent freak-out mode. selling a house is so incredibly stressful. i don’t want to do it again for a VERY long time. so the next house we buy will have everything we want, including a three-car garage, a huge yard with trees, and a big kitchen with granite countertops and beautiful cabinets, hardwood and tile floors throughout the house, a huge master bath, lots of crown molding everywhere, a fireplace, a big deck, an irrigation system in the yard…i could go on and on. basically i want it all, so we don’t feel the urge to move again for a long, long time.

so far we’ve found two houses that fit that description. we’re going to look at another one tonight. and hopefully we’ll make a decision by this weekend so we can get the ball rolling.

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