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it’s september already, which means i’ll be 32 soon…


but anyway, you’re only as old as you feel, right? (or so i keep reminding myself.)

i have a new job now. same company. i’m a marketing editorial manager responsible for running the east coast marketing editorial team. currently i have no team, but hopefully that will change soon. i have an offer out to someone and i’m interviewing a few other people for another position. i also have two contractors reporting to me, but they’re based in san francisco so i haven’t had much interaction with them yet.

josh and i listed the house on august 16. we’ve had a lot of showings, but no offers yet. the market in charlotte appears to have finally slowed down like the rest of the country. we’ll keep the house listed for 90 days, but if it doesn’t sell in that amount of time, we’ll take it off the market and do all the upgrades and just stay here a few more years. it’s a nice house; we just want nicer features. and we’re tired of having no privacy from our neighbors. but we love our floorplan and the neighborhood and the location. so if we don’t sell it won’t be the end of the world.

apple still hasn’t fixed the wireless problems with tiger 10.4.10. i had to reformat and install a backup that was at 10.4.9. then i installed all the patches except the latest airport patch and now everything is working fine. but it still pisses me off that there’s this huge wireless problem that apple refuses to address.

but i still love apple. we went to the apple store yesterday and looked at the new ipod fatty. it is actually a pretty cool little device. it looks much nicer in person. josh is thinking about buying the iphone again. he had one but returned it because the at&t reception sucked. but now that the price has dropped, he’s thinking about buying it again and putting up with the crappy reception. maybe if we move, reception will be better at our new house. i’m sticking with verizon for now. i need a phone that works everywhere.

it is so freaking hot here all the time. it’s september now…when is fall going to get here?? i am sick of 95-degree days.

tigger is doing okay. we had a scare back in august and had to take him to the emergency vet at 3:00 am one morning. the emergency vet has a cardiologist on staff who just happened to be coming in the next day. so tigger stayed under observation overnight and when the cardiologist came in, she did a complete examination and an ultrasound. we went to pick him up at 4:30 that afternoon and we talked to her for a long time. she put him on two new medications, a blood pressure medicine and a narcotic cough suppressant (hydrocodone). so now he’s on six medications total. he takes the blood pressure medicine once a day, the hydrocodone four times a day, and everything else twice a day. he is coughing much less now and seems okay for the most part. he’s definitely not very active anymore, but he’s always been a lapdog to a certain extent. he still wants to play every now and then, but we have to make sure he doesn’t get too worked up. we took him to our regular vet this past saturday for a renal check since all the medication can cause damage to the kidneys. his kidneys are functioning normally so the vet was very pleased. we go back in three months for another checkup.

tomorrow is my brother’s birthday so i need to remember to email him a card. i already gave him his gift. my little brother is going to be 30 years old. i think that’s what’s making me feel so old lately.

it’s time for lunch and meetings. gotta run.

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