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so much has been going on lately.

my dad definitely has celiac disease. he feels better now that he’s cut out wheat gluten from his diet. he still hasn’t gained weight, but he’s not losing either. he says he has more energy now too.

tigger still isn’t doing any better. he’s coughing more lately and so the vet prescribed yet another medication, but it hasn’t made any difference. so we have an appointment with a new vet tomorrow. it’s way past time to get a second opinion.

josh and i have decided to sell our house instead of putting any money into upgrades. the market in this neighborhood is pretty good, and when we list we’ll be the only 1-story available here. we’ve interviewed two agents so far and they both seemed to think a 1-story would sell quickly. so we’ve been looking at other houses the last few weekends. we found one we really liked but when i checked the MLS number the other day, it showed as under contract. so we’ll just keep looking. one of the hardest things to find is a bigger yard; around here the lots are tiny. we’d like at least a half an acre. right now we have two-tenths of an acre. we also want a little more privacy. our neighbors are great, but it would be nice not having a house on every side of us.

anyway, that’s a quick update. i just realized i hadn’t updated the site in forever. too much going on…

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