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i’m still doing pretty well with eating better, but…

for some reason i’m starving today. don’t know why. maybe it’s just because it’s friday and it’s been a long week…?

here are my stats for today (as of 3:30 pm):

  • total calories so far: 472
  • fat: 17%
  • carbs: 45%
  • protein: 36%
  • alcohol: 2%

(there was sugar alcohol in the whole wheat pita bread i ate for breakfast. didn’t want you to think i go around drinking in the middle of the day.)

anyway, it’s definitely time for a snack. i don’t like feeling hungry because that’s when i start getting cravings for very bad things.

i also need to drink more water. that’s one thing i’m terrible at: i’ll drink brewed tea or fresh-squeezed juice (made with my new juicer) or flavored water, but drinking plain water is so hard. it’s just so boring.

in other news, i talked to my mom a few minutes ago. she and dad were headed to the anchorage airport to catch a flight to san francisco, where they have a 5 hour layover until they catch the red-eye back to charlotte. i hope they have plenty of books with them since the SF airport is so freaking boring.

they have really enjoyed their trip but they’re very tired. mom said they went horseback riding yesterday near mount mckinley. one of the horses got spooked, which in turned spooked a few of the others. my mom’s horse was one of the ones that took off after the first horse went nuts. they managed to get everything under control but she said it was very scary for a few minutes.

hopefully the thunderstorms they’re calling for here won’t interfere with their flight home. i know they’re ready to be home and sleep in their own bed. mom said she’s still worried about dad. even with all the food on the cruise and all the nice restaurants, he’s still lost five pounds. he goes to the doctor again on monday and mom said she’s going with him. dad’s so laid back that i don’t think he’s really telling the doctor the whole story; he’s probably just brushing everything off like it’s no big deal. but the weight loss and exhaustion and other symptoms are definitely not normal. we’re all really worried about him.

josh might stand in line tonight to get an iphone. i think once he sees the line, he’ll turn right around and come home. supposedly 60 people are already in line at southpark mall. it would be nice if he gets one because i would love to play with it, but for some reason i don’t feel the urge to buy this particular gadget as soon as it comes out. strange for me, i know. i guess because it’s on at&t and they suck. when we had cingular i don’t think we ever had a monthly bill that was correct.

gotta go get a snack. later.

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