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got a voicemail today from my parents in alaska.

mom said they are having a lot of fun, staying up late and getting up early to enjoy the scenery. the cruise ship is docked at juneau right now and today they’re taking a helicopter ride and a dog sled tour. she didn’t mention how dad was feeling, so i’m going to assume that’s good news. i’ll call her back later today or more likely tomorrow morning (their time).

i really wish josh wanted to go to alaska. for some reason he is totally uninterested and said he’d rather go to europe or somewhere in the caribbean. i’m like, we’ve already been to europe and the caribbean, let’s try something new!

at any rate, we don’t have to think about going anywhere for awhile. with tigger’s health the way it is, i don’t want to board him. and he doesn’t travel well, so i guess we’re staying put for the time being.

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