my soda addiction

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i haven’t had a soda in over a week.

i’ve been pretty addicted to diet mountain dew code red for the last several years. had to have one to get started in the morning (my version of coffee) and usually had one or two more throughout the day.

but a little over a week ago, i ran out of sodas and didn’t feel like going to the store to get some more. so i fixed myself a cup of green tea and used that for my caffeine fix instead. i love tea and i have tons of it in the pantry, all kinds of flavors. i also have several different kinds of honey, including one from new zealand that tastes wonderful in some of the herbal teas.

so anyway, i figured since i have all this tea, why not just stop wasting money on soda and filling myself with chemicals that will undoubtedly cause some kind of disease at some point in the future? why not just have a nice cup of tea every morning and get the health benefits while drinking something that tastes really good? and while i’m at it, why not sweeten it with honey instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners, thus also taking advantage of honey’s health benefits?

when i went to the store yesterday, i didn’t buy any sodas. that’s probably the first time in five years that i haven’t bought any. i’m rather proud of myself.

i still need the daily caffeine fix, though. guess that’s the next thing to work on…

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