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tigger started having seizures again.

he had four this past weekend. so i called the vet when i got home on monday and we agreed that it was probably time to start giving tigger phenobarbital, which he’ll be on for the rest of his life.

he’s had seizures off and on throughout his life, but they haven’t been serious or frequent. they’ve been rare: only 3-4 per year on average. but he had a cluster this past march and now the cluster this past weekend. one of the heart medications he’s taking can cause dogs to be more susceptible to seizures, so i imagine that’s what caused the latest cluster.

he’s been taking the pheno for two days and he seems fine so far. the vet said it usually makes dogs a little dopey for the first two weeks while their bodies adjust. i expected him to sleep more, but he’s been sleeping normally so far. he even wanted to play tonight. he brought me an old chewed up purple toy and set it beside me and alternated staring at it and at me for several minutes. it just breaks my heart because he isn’t supposed to play. i don’t want him doing anything that will cause him to cough.

he’s lost a little bit of weight, which is a good thing. his stomach looks less bloated. he probably still needs to lose another two pounds or so.

we’ll take him back to the vet this weekend. hopefully we’ll get a good report and be able to get his teeth cleaned in the next few weeks.

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