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luckily neither of my dogs was affected by the recent pet food recall.

tigger gets red barn lamb and rice meat roll and nutro natural choice lite dry food.

winston was getting nutro natural choice chicken, rice, and oatmeal for adults canned food and nutro natural choice lite dry food. i’ve since switched his canned food to canidae all life stages canned and he likes it just as well.

(both dogs get miniscule portions of the roll/canned-type food. most of their food is the dry food.)

i’m also going to switch both dogs from the nutro dry food to canidae platinum dry food. i just have to go a little slower switching the dry food so i don’t upset their stomachs.

the nutro canned and dry food i give them isn’t involved in the recall, but there are some nutro products that are (including nutro natural choice chicken, rice, and oatmeal for puppies canned food). it’s probably unncessary to switch but it’s just too close for comfort.

i did a lot of research (surprise surprise) and decided on canidae. i might even wean tigger off of the red barn, but he really loves it. the canidae is healthier, though, especially at his age. i’ve started giving him a supplement with his dinner, solid gold seameal powder with flaxseed. it smells gross, but he eats it up.

while i was researching, i came across a website called waggintails, a premium pet food store. i ended up buying the canidae canned and dry food from them and have been really impressed. they sent regular email communications, and they shipped less than 24 hours after i placed my order. they also sent me a 10% off coupon for my next order.

i signed up for their mailing list and have since gotten several emails about the recall. they went so far as to contact each manufacturer of the brands that they carry to find out if any of the food was made by menu foods. they’ve suspended sales of all food made by menu foods, even if the food wasn’t included in the recall. i just received an email that details all the information they have confirmed with the manufacturers, including who confirmed it (PR agency, company president, other representative, etc.) and whether ingredients are purchased in the U.S. or overseas.

the email also included a link to, where the owner of that site is keeping a list of all foods not included in the recall.

very impressive, and i will definitely buy from waggintails again. i can’t think of too many other companies that would go above and beyond getting information out to their customer base the way they have.

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