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today was my first day back at…

bank of america.

yes, i returned. i’m contracting now, but i hope to be hired full time within six months. i’m on the same team, with the same boss and the same co-workers as before (plus quite a few new people — the team has really grown in the last six months).

it is really great to be back. today kind of felt like i’d never left. i even have the same nbk number and email address.

my desk is in a different location, and i’m sure my phone number (when i get it) will be different.

but other than that, i think the daily routine will fall neatly back into step. i went to lunch with ken and anh today, and they caught me up on all the gossip and drama. there was a re-org last week, so we had lots to talk about.

i’m not entirely sure what i’ll be working on yet. i think it’s probably going to be student banking. hopefully i’ll get assigned to one or two projects later this week.

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