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my grandma weidner died on february 6.

josh, my dad, my brother, my brother’s girlfriend keri and i had just crossed the pennsylvania state line when we got the call. my mom was already in PA. she took grandma to the hospital tuesday after her regular doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia. my mom was with her when she passed away.

we went ahead with grandpa’s funeral on wednesday, but he wasn’t buried. grandma’s funeral was friday and then they were both buried. they were buried in the church cemetery next to my uncles mark and merle, who both died a long time ago.

i think i am still in shock. i am not sure where people get the strength to deal with things like this. it hurts terribly. and i can’t even imagine how much my mom must hurt, losing both of her parents in less than a week.

josh, my dad, keri and i came home from PA yesterday. my mom and brother stayed up there and are coming home wednesday. there is so much that has to be done, so many things that have to be gone through and straightened out and settled.

driving away from their house yesterday, knowing that i’ll probably never go there again, was one of the hardest things i’ve ever done.

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