new design, part 3

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i can’t make up my mind.

i think i’ve gone through about 15 designs in the last week. found something wrong with each of them, but i think this one will do for now. it’s nice and simple, easy to customize, looks great on my mac (but then, what doesn’t? 😉 )

there was one other design that i liked better, but i couldn’t get the photo gallery to work correctly in IE. yes, i could just say, “screw it,” and forget about IE since it worked beautifully in firefox, safari, and opera. but i’m an equal opportunity kind of gal, so it’s gotta work across the board.


that’s me getting sleepy. it’s almost midnight so i’m off to bed. thank god tomorrow is saturday and i can sleep late.

god, i have spent so much time on this stupid website this week, when i should have been writing, or catching up on some reading, or cleaning my house, or going to the grocery store…there is just never enough time in the day.

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