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i bought some new furniture for my home office.

our house has four bedrooms: master bedroom, guest bedroom, office, and formal living room. well, we sold the couch and loveseat in the formal living room, so i’m going to turn that room into my office. that way we’ll each have our own office. right now i have my computer set up in the sunroom, which is fine, but it would be nice to have a room where i can shut the door and write in silence.

i ordered two desks and a bookcase from target. i was going to get the matching hutches for the desks but they take up so much room on the desktop. i’d rather have a nice expanse of desk, so i got the bookcase for storage instead of the hutches.

i got the mission natural style (light-colored wood), since the formal living room is at the front of the house and doesn’t get much sunlight. i still need to get one of those chair mats. right now i don’t have one in the sunroom and the carpet doesn’t look so hot where my chair rolls around. but we’re going to have to replace the carpet in the sunroom anyway, so i don’t really care about it.

the furniture should be delivered early next week. had free shipping and i found a 10% off code, so i think i got a pretty good deal. the reviews were good for all of the pieces; hopefully they won’t be hard to put together.

can’t wait to have my own office!

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