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i have a new favorite tv show.

vh1’s supergroup, in all its cheese-tastic glory. it’s a reality show that brings together ted nugent, sebastian bach, scott ian, jason bonham, and evan seinfeld to live together, form a band, write songs, and perform. having grown up on hair metal and heavy metal, can i just say: LOVE. what a fabulous concept. i have my dvr set to record the show every sunday.

ok, so i never wrote an update about las vegas. it was a good conference and a nice vacation. the conference was sunday through thursday and then josh and i stayed through the weekend. we gambled (and won!), rented a bmw m3 convertible and drove to hoover dam (beautiful, both the car and the dam), rode the roller coaster at new york new york, saw an awesome cirque de soleil show (zumanity), ate at the eiffel tower restaurant and watched the bellagio fountains, shopped, and rode to the top of the stratosphere. it was hot as hell in vegas, but the casinos were freezing cold…which is probably why i ended up sick. that, and the cigarette smoke. you can’t escape it — it is literally everywhere.

but anyway, it was a fun trip. i liked vegas. it’s expensive (even when you win at gambling), but definitely fun.

now i’m looking forward to our next trip, a week at oak island at the end of june. that will be pure relaxation. i’m planning on catching up on my reading. i have a stack of six or seven books beside my bed that i want to read. reading, relaxing, eating fresh seafood, not thinking about work at all, no email…heaven. the only downside is that we have to board the dogs, so i’ll miss them terribly.

well, folks, that’s all the time we have. until next time…

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  1. you know, i like this show too. a guilty pleasre of mine. bach is a true diva. it’s funny how stupid this guy is.

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