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fuck the RIAA.

from “[Senator] Dianne Feinstein’s “Platform Equality and Remedies for Rights Holders in Music (PERFORM) Act” would permanently hobble your ability to record off the radio and force webcasters to use DRM formats. PERFORM would also mess with streaming Internet radio stations. Right now, MP3 or open format Internet radio can take advantage of statutory copyright licensing to remunerate rights holders and artists. After PERFORM, all streaming music that uses statutory licensing will be required to be in a DRM-encumbered format that forbids interoperability or user-editing. Wave goodbye to MP3 streaming and to moving recorded webcasts to the portable player of your choice.”

you guys know i love music. so if you love music, tell your senators and representatives to vote against this act:

depending on the outcome of this bill, and the outcome of the lawsuit the RIAA just filed against XM radio, this could have repercussions for things like tivo or basically any device that can broadcast and record.

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