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i bought yet another gadget.

i bought a pioneer inno, an xm satellite radio and mp3 player. i can set it to record up to 50 hours of xm content total or split the storage space between xm and mp3s. if i split it, it’ll store about 25 hours of xm content and 8 hours of mp3s.

it’s much smaller than my old xm radio, the myfi. looks better, too.

so i finally sold my samsung i730 on ebay. i liked it — it was a great phone/PDA, functionality-wise — but it was just too big for me. i got a pretty good price on ebay so i’m happy with it. i bought a pink razr and i’m using the calendar on it for my PDA. i can sync it with outlook so it has all my appointments and contacts on it. admittedly, it’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing. until some manufacturer makes a decent small phone/PDA, i’m sticking with the razr. plus the pink is so cute. the razr is loud, too, which is great because i have such a hard time hearing on the phone if there’s any background noise.

so i’m down to 2 gadgets now. both work with my mac, even though the inno specifically says it doesn’t support mac os. not true, it does. plus on mac os, it just mounts itself as a drive, so i can just drag mp3s to it. no software to mess with. the razr syncs with the mac over bluetooth.

on another topic, less than a week before i go to las vegas. i’m so looking forward to getting away for a little while.

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